I digested the Clive Cussler Code, once, twice and
went through it a third time. It's truly mindboggling!
An ingeniously written and well executed subject.
~ Clive Cussler ~


Softcover Edition


Tony Krome and Sean Ellis


Thanks to Helene Noelle and Rob Sansom for their contributions
and input during the creation of the Code.


Special thanks to Clive Cussler for supporting and endorsing
the Code concept


The Limited Collector's Edition (Hard Cover) Lettered ... SOLD OUT!


The truth that has been hidden for 40 years will finally be revealed. If you wish to discover the amazing secrets

behind Cussler's characters including Dirk Pitt, Sandecker, Gunn and even NUMA itself, order your copy now!


Clive and Dirk Cussler with the Code manuscript


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